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2006 Ford Mustang Convertible -(SOLD)

Only seldom does that car come along that has your name written on it. As you look over the pictures of this gorgeous Mustang, picture yourself behind the wheel with that top dropped, your favorite tunes playing on the stereo, and your hair just blowing in the wind. You look great, don't you? The custom wheels really help make this great Mustang look more like it belongs in a car show than in your driveway, but it really is time for a new owner, and that person should be you. Don't you just love that great racing stripe running down the center, making this beauty look like it's in motion just sitting there? With the right angle of the sun, you will notice that the black stripe actually has a hint of metallic magenta purple in it. The bright red paint just adds to the glory of this fine convertible and the perfect looking gray leather interior is just the right finish for a really great car that you are sure to enjoy for years to come. With just 54k miles on the car, the v6 automatic has plenty of power and won't empty your wallet while your friends are gassing up again. The tires are nice with real good tread and I really was not able to find anything negative about the car to bother mentioning.
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